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Specialist in using acupuncture to treat pain

Michelle Aris LLB BSc MBAcC specialises in treating musculoskeletal conditions such as chronic neck and back pain, sports injury, RSI and arthritis and also other pain conditions such as headache, stomach ache and period pain.

Your Consultation

Michelle recognises that, as a patient, you are unique. To fully understand your condition, she will listen closely to your patient history and use careful questioning, palpation (touch), and observation of your tongue and pulse. These diagnostic techniques enable her to offer treatment and advice that is perfectly tailored to you.

Your Treatment

Michelle usually combines acupuncture and massage to achieve optimum results but if you choose just one of these therapies then she can tailor the treatment to your preference. Needle free acupressure is also available. You remain in control of your own treatment and Michelle encourages you to work in partnership with her to achieve the results you seek.


Bachelor of Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture (graduated 2:1 Hons, University of Westminster 2007)

Member of The British Acupuncture Council

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  1. Please can i book a treatment with you for miid RSI symptoms on my arms and neck. Back is also sore. I am based in teddington so the nearest place for me is ideal I am available this week Thur and Fri 9.30 -2 pm. If not next week if you can give me available times.

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