This week I’ve been treating…chronic low back pain

This week I had a visit from a carpenter with back pain. He had injured it lifting heavy items 10 years ago. Ever since then he had low back pain but from time to time it would be exacerbated, making it difficult for him to work. This time, it seemed that the pain had got worse after working in a very cold environment.

I assessed the injury in terms of location, exacerbation with cold and which movements were most difficult for him to make. He found it difficult to bend at the hip and to twist his body from side to side. I also took his pulse. All this information confirmed for me which channels I needed to work on. Rather than just working on the low back I worked along the entire affected channels, from head to toe, releasing all the tight and painful spots using a ‘sinew release’ treatment. This gives a much better result than just working with the injured area.

When my client got off the couch he was amazed to find that his pain was gone and that he could now bend and twist freely!

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