35 years of education in acupuncture workshop

I am looking forward to meeting up at this workshop with some of my old colleagues and lecturers from my acupuncture degree at the University of Westminster. The purpose is to explore what it like to be a Chinese Medicine practitioner today and how this has changed over the years. My cohort graduated over 11 years ago. With professional experience and further study under our belts we are in a good position to reflect on what it means to be a Chinese Medicine practitioner.

If you are a registered acupuncturist and a graduate from the University of Westminster or London School of Acupuncture then this workshop needs you! And if you are one of my old classmates I look forward to seeing there. Please click here for a downloadable link.

To register for the workshop, please click here. Lunch and refreshments will be provided and some travel may be reimbursed.

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